January 2004

New Year's at Edith's

It was another great New Year's celebration at Edith's this year. Activities included eating, forced marches through the countryside, eating, gifts, eating... you get the idea. Here are a some of the pictures.

Neighborhood Holiday Party

Our annual holiday party for 2003 got pushed into 2004 because of our trip to New Zealand. Even though we had to do it after the holidays it turned out to be a lot of fun. We had way more food than we could eat (as usual) and it was all great. As is often the case, we were having too much fun to take many pictures, but there are a few here.

Edith's Birthday

Mary, Joe, and Pat Bassett visited Edith to celebrate her birthday. It was a really nice weekend away for us and a fun celebration. We took a few pictures.

February 2004

Connie's 70th Birthday

To celebrate Mom's 70th birthday Margaret and Joe arranged a brunch at MacArthur Park in Palo Alto. We had to keep it a secret or should would have never let us do it. At the last minute we told her that Margaret and Joe and the immediate family would be taking her to brunch and we already had a reservation. She suspected foul play, but was still surprised to see all the friends and family taht gathered to celebrate this milestone. It was a really great time. You can see a few picture here.

Aaron and Emma's Wedding

Mary had the privilege of acting as the witness at Aaron and Emma's wedding in February. Here are some pictures of the happy couple.

March 2004


Joe had a conference to attend in Germany so we were able to visit Inge and the girls briefly. As luck would have it, we were there for Sonja's birthday party. Here are a few pictures of a visit to Ulm and the party.

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November 2004

We took a very brief trip to England in November and spent most of our time in London. We saw a couple of plays, went to a few museums and cathedrals, and went on a "Haunted London" walk one night. We also went out to Cambridge whcih is near Lakenheath Air Force Base where Mark is stationed. He came into town and met us. Afterwards we walked around Cambridge until night fell and then headed back to London. Here are a few pictures.

December 2004