January 2000

New Years 2000

Adobe Holiday Party

February 2000

Mary's New Zealand Trip

Misc. Family Pictures

March 2000

Debbie Teeter's Visit

April 2000

Dan and Pat's 50th Birthday

These pictures are from a celebration of Dan and Pat's 50th birthday.

Easter Brunch

Every year Nonna takes us all out to Easter brunch. As usual, it was good food and a lot of fun.

May 2000

Gray's Harbor Shorebird Festival & visit with John and Linda

Mary met Mark in Washington State to go the Gray's Harbor Shorebird Festival. While they were they, they met with our former neighbors, Ron and Cathlee James, who have retired in Washington.

Mother's Day Brunch

Mary and I (mostly Mary) put together a brunch at our house for Mother's Day.

Dolphins in Las Vegas?

Mary and I visited Mark, Janice, and Allison over Memorial Day weekend. We stopped in to see the Dolphins at the Mirage hotel. They also have a variety of tigers, lions, and other big cats.

June 2000

Mary, Lisa, Ian and Luke in Morro Bay

Mary and Lisa were able to slip away for a weekend in Morro Bay. Here are some pictures from their outing to Morro Rock.

Edith visits and so do Beth and Pat

Edith came and visited us for about a week and during that time Beth and Pat visited us for a couple of days. It also happened to be Joe's birthday.

July 2000

The Klinglers Visit

Inge, Juergen, Angelika, and Sonja visited us this year on their trip from Tokyo, through several points in the US, back to Germany. They were here for our 4th of July BBQ so you may be able to spot them in those pictures too.

Fourth of July BBQ

We had our annual neighborhood 4 of July BBQ this year and it was a lot of fun as usual. It got a little chilly in the evening but it was a nice day overall. Joe completely forgot to take pictures, but fortunately Mary took a few. See if you can spot yourself.

Mark, Janice, Allison and Dan Visit

Mark, Janice, and Allison made the trek from Las Vegas and Dan from Fresno to come and visit us. We got pictures from a couple of the outings:

Family Portraits

We decided that we ought to have some informal "portraits" of our family so we had someone come out and take pictures of the four of us (Mary, Joe, Sterling, and Raky) in our back yard. Here are the results.

August 2000

September 2000

Dinner at Nonna's

We got together at Nonna's house in the beginning of September for a little dinner. I don't think there was any event behind it, we just hadn't gotten together for a while.

October 2000

November 2000

Thanksgiving at Steve and Gloria's

Just another small holiday meal for the family.

Final Day at Hawk Watch

Mary volunteers every year for the GGRO Hawk Watch program. Here are a few pictures of her group on the last day. Actually one of the pictures was taken on the first day of the season.

December 2000

Christmas Eve 2000

Christmas eve at Nonna's house. Steve and Gloria were in Mexico this year.

Christmas Day 2000

Once everyone recovered from Christmas eve dinner it was off to Mom and Dad's for Christmas dinner.